Wednesday, May 22, 2019

2020: The Musical

Twenty great songs about twenty important issues. That's 2020: The Musical.

2020: The Musical has melodies that stay with you and lyrics that cut to the chase.  A list of songs and what they are about is available in the side bar on the right hand side of this blog. Subjects of interest include: global warming, reproductive rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, minimum wage, racism, gerrymandering, criminal justice reform, term limits  healthcare reform, legislation for lobbyists, tax code reform, a woman president and the Middle East conflict. There are even a couple of songs that take aim at the current POTUS.

2020: THE MUSICAL not only deals with the issues but is also entertaining and fun.
There are many styles of music from marches to folk, jazz to blues, musical theatre to rap. The show is interactive with audience members encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas between songs.

An excellent vehicle for fundraisers, 2020: THE MUSICAL is now available to be booked. The music will be available to download or on CD by late July. 

Music, script and lyrics by Carol Dunitz, who also performs.