Thursday, June 25, 2020

SINGERS WANTED for Joe Biden Campaign Song

Carol Dunitz has written a campaign song for Joe Biden and hopes to have at least one person from each state doing vocals for the song. "I am looking for volunteers for this project," Dunitz shares. I will provide an mp3 and lyrics for singers to sing along with." Participants can listen to the song mp3 on their computer with earbuds and videotape themselves with their cellphone as they sing. Dunitz welcomes volunteers to use any other setup that will provide video and a music track that has none of the backup music on it.
Once all the video/recording is done she plans to mix all the vocals with the backing track and do the video work that will include all participants. Everyone who participates will be included in credits at the end of the song.
Contact Carol Dunitz through Facebook or at if you would like to sing. Please include the state you live in and your vocal range (soprano, mezzo soprano, alto, tenor, bass/baritone).

Things Now Have Gone to Hades to Premiere on CTN

Ann Arbor's Community Television Network has scheduled its premiere of Things Now Have Gone to Hades. The first showing on Cable Channel 17 is on Friday, June 26th at 1:10 pm.

Replay times are: 
Saturday, 6/27 at 4:58pm & 9:58pm 
Sunday, 6/28 at 2:55pm & 8:48pm 
Tuesday, 6/30 at 7:00pm & 9:58pm
Wednesday, 7/1 at 8:48pm 
Thursday, 7/2 at 1:00pm 
Saturday, 7/4 at 3:58pm

Can't get to the TV when 
Things Now Have Gone to Hades is being shownYou can see it on YouTube at:

You won't want to miss this parody based on Billy Joel's We DIdn't Start the Fire.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Things Now Have Gone to Hades

Could Things Now Have Gone to Hades be a thinly disguised musical rant about 45? You decide – and if you find it meaningful, please SHARE.

Things Now Have Gone to Hades is a parody of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire. It is a no holds barred representation of what a majority of people in this country feel about how our country is being run into the ground. 

The video for Things Now Have Gone to Hades is posted on YouTube.  It can be viewed at:

Around the world, people are universally shocked by the actions of the United States. It is remarkable how our country which once led the free world can have plummeted into an abyss from which one wonders if it can extricate itself.

On November 3rd, 2020, it is critical that everyone vote. Republicans, Democrats, Independents. We must all exercise our privilege to vote to determine the direction our country will take.

My views are clear from the song. But every individual is entitled to his or her own view. Isn’t it wonderful we still live in a country where we are allowed to voice our opinions?

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Captioning From Now On

Recently a friend who is hard of hearing remarked to me that many videos on YouTube have auto captioning. This is a great feature that I had not been aware of. Today I learned about this feature and how to implement it.

YouTube has an algorithm that takes speech and converts it into text. It is constantly improving this. I'm guessing it works better for speech than it does for the singing voice because I had to spend a great deal of time making everything match up. But I believe the time was well spent. Everyone can now watch the videos and understand all the lyrics.

My last four parodies have been updated with this feature as well as the newest one which will premiere tomorrow morning, Things Now Have Gone to Hades.

If you missed some of the lyrics and want to check them out, here are the URLs.

Six Feet of Social Distance - A Coronavirus Parody

A Modern Icon Federal – The State of the Union
It's So Wonderful to Roam – A Coronavirus Parody
Do The Five - A Coronavirus Parody

Friday, June 5, 2020

Six Feet of Social Distance comes to Ann Arbor CTN

Six Feet of Social Distance is scheduled to premiere on Ann Arbor Community Television Network, Cable Channel 17 on Sunday, 6/17/20 at 9:00pm.

Additional replay times are: 
Monday, 6/8 at 1:05pm
Tuesday, 6/9 at 3:55pm
Wednesday, 6/10 at 10:00pm
Thursday, 6/11 at 11:00am
Saturday, 6/13 at 5:05p 
Sunday, 6/14 at 2:05pm & 6:35pm  
Wednesday, 6/17 at 12:29pm
Saturday, 6/20 at 5:05pm

Six Feet of Social Distance is a parody based on One Singular Sensation from A Chorus Line. The performance is humorous but the message is very serious. Maintaining significant social distance and wearing a mask is critical to stop the spread of COVID -19. 

The video can also be seen on YouTube at:

Monday, June 1, 2020

Brush Up On Twitter

Some people Brush Up on Shakespeare (my dad used to sport a big grin when he would sing that song from Kiss Me Kate). I have caught some Shakespeare during the pandemic. Online. 

Stuck indoors most of the time. No movies. No trips to the Stratford and Shaw Festivals. No jaunts to the Ohio Light Opera. What's one to do? Hats off to many cultural organizations that are streaming wonderful offerings online. Every Thursday the Stratford Festival and the National Theatre stream plays. Shakespeare. Tennessee Williams. And many other great playwrights are represented. The Shaw Festival, Ohio Light Opera, Broadway HD and others too numerous to mention are streaming wonderful offerings. I travel virtually to NYC every evening where the Metropolitan Opera streams a different opera every night! Tonight was Bellini’s I Puritani.

When one is not enjoying these flights into culture, there is a lot of time to pursue work-related tasks and additional interests. This week I have been studying Twitter. I have read many articles and am watching lots of videos online. Am I up to the task of getting followers (33 in the last several days)? What would be good things to tweet about? Will this be an effective way to market?  You don't know until you try. :)

Learning about all the social markets is very involved and time consuming. But at some point one needs to breakout of Facebook and YouTube and explore other possibilities.

Enter Twitter. Stage right.  Or will it be Stage left? I'm going to find out.

8000 YouTube Views for Happy Birthday Baby

Happy Birthday Baby now has over 8000 views on YouTube! I've received so many wonderful responses from people who've seen the video. To use an antiquated expression, "it warms the cockles of my heart." Seriously, there's nothing better than having people let you know how much they enjoy a project in which you've invested a great deal of creativity, time and energy.

I like to think of Happy Birthday Baby as a virtual birthday card. It's on YouTube. Anyone can link to it when they want to send a special birthday greeting to someone they care about. Click link to view. 

Happy Birthday Baby!