Monday, June 1, 2020

Brush Up On Twitter

Some people Brush Up on Shakespeare (my dad used to sport a big grin when he would sing that song from Kiss Me Kate). I have caught some Shakespeare during the pandemic. Online. 

Stuck indoors most of the time. No movies. No trips to the Stratford and Shaw Festivals. No jaunts to the Ohio Light Opera. What's one to do? Hats off to many cultural organizations that are streaming wonderful offerings online. Every Thursday the Stratford Festival and the National Theatre stream plays. Shakespeare. Tennessee Williams. And many other great playwrights are represented. The Shaw Festival, Ohio Light Opera, Broadway HD and others too numerous to mention are streaming wonderful offerings. I travel virtually to NYC every evening where the Metropolitan Opera streams a different opera every night! Tonight was Bellini’s I Puritani.

When one is not enjoying these flights into culture, there is a lot of time to pursue work-related tasks and additional interests. This week I have been studying Twitter. I have read many articles and am watching lots of videos online. Am I up to the task of getting followers (33 in the last several days)? What would be good things to tweet about? Will this be an effective way to market?  You don't know until you try. :)

Learning about all the social markets is very involved and time consuming. But at some point one needs to breakout of Facebook and YouTube and explore other possibilities.

Enter Twitter. Stage right.  Or will it be Stage left? I'm going to find out.

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