If Carol had been on the Titanic, the ship would still be floating today. 2020: The Musical, an amazing medley of melodies and lyrics, lifts your spirit by raising high a brilliant light that illuminates our hopes and dreams. Often equal to and sometimes surpassing renowned lyricists and composers, Carol's clever songs leave you entranced and wishing for more. Current events that bombard us like a meteor shower pass through Carol's insight and imagination and come back in a new constellation kissed with her personal radiance. Enjoy the music. Savor the messages. It's more than a salute to a year; it's a celebration of our Time.

David W. Menefee
Author and Film Historian


Carol Dunitz had her musical audition with the Berkley Democratic Club and we all voted - YES, sign her to a broadway deal! The clincher happened when she miraculously distracted a six year old boy from his toys to march around the room singing “dump the Trump”.
Warning - her act will be very offensive to Trump supporters but I think that is the point.

Robert Lathrop
Mayoral Candidate
City of Berkley, MI

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