Thursday, February 27, 2020

Charleston. Who Interviewed Me? Who Took Photographs?

At every debate I am approached by many reporters and photographers. Once the interview is done or the photos are taken all that is left are the memories. I ask for business cards but very few people from the media carry them. This makes it difficult to follow up. Enter the trusty notebook. For the first time, I brought a steno pad with me to the debate scene. When it was possible, I wrote down the name and contact information for those I interacted with. This made it easier in some cases to search for media placement. I could also follow up with some reporters by email.

While standing outside the Gaillard Center, someone walked by and told me, “You’re a great American.” Another person said, “Hey. I just saw you on TV….I think it was Channel 4.” Angela Brown was the reporter who interviewed me for Channel 4, WCIV (ABC).

I was also interviewed by Danielle Hinsley for Channel 2, WCBD – Charleston. I had additional interviews with reps from Channel 5, WCSC – Charleston and Channel 22, WJCL (ABC) – Savannah. Derrick from Channel 46, WTAT (FOX) – Charleston interviewed me, too. excerpt from that one found its way into the Charleston City Paper.

I spoke with Logan Cyrus, a representative from AFP (French media). His interview and photos were picked up by  

The Washington Post

The Washington Post

The Washington Post


The Washington Post

Associated Press

Greenville News - South Carolina


CBS News



Greenville News - South Carolina

I had an interview with a representative from the Charleston Grit but was unable to find and ink from that interaction.

Other stories and/or photographs placed in publications included:

Greenville News - South Carolina


Independent Mail

USA Today

Greenville News (USA Today network)

The first time I located coverage on Twitter was as a result of an interview with Caitlyn Byrd.

When a reporter from Reuters Video asked if I would talk with him I, of course, agreed. 

Likewise when Ben Briscoe from CBS told me he had a Facebook page where he posted his interviews and overviews.

And what fun it is to see coverage in foreign publications. Erik Bergin from the Swedish Daily News (Svenska Dagbladet) spoke with me and included a photo and nice mention in Swedish!

I spoke with Emily Benson from the Bertelsmann Foundation, Lydia Blackstone from the State in Columbia as well as a representative from Bloomberg News. A photographer from AP shot a few stills. I have not been able to locate any press from these sources – but they may be out there somewhere.

Technical Vilas -  2.29.20

All in all, my time in Charleston was productive. The added bonus is that while I am working, I am having a lot of fun.