Wednesday, February 5, 2020

"Dump The Trump in 2020" On Trial

Last week I assembled a list of radio programs that play music from Broadway shows as well as songs from musical theatre in general. There aren't many. I found fewer than 25.

Most play music from hit shows. I hoped that some might consider something new and controversial that was just getting legs.

This morning I received a notification from Mention, a company that tracks media coverage. I receive emails from this organization from time to time. Generally, after a copious search, I come up with more than services like this one does. But today, they found something I had missed.

Having received this alert, I decided to check out if there was anything else that appeared in the media yesterday. Here's what I discovered...

The judges on the show appeared to be Millennials. They panned "Dump the Trump" after making fun of my linkedin profile and saying I was too full of myself. They listened to a couple verses of the song and did not acknowledge it was part of an entire musical. Well, it just goes to show, you can't please everyone. 

"They say" any publicity is good publicity. Let's chalk it up to that :)

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