Friday, March 20, 2020

Do The Five

The world has been turned upside down. Everything that was once normal has been replaced with the new normal.  Shops and restaurants closed. Gyms and fitness centers shut down. Broadway gone dark. Local movie theatres shuttered. And airplanes flying less than half full. 

COVID 19, the corona virus, has many, including me, self-quarantined. 2020 The Musical is going nowhere this season, which left Uncle Sam wondering what to do with herself.

What to do? Use the Uncle Sam persona I take on for 2020 The Musical for an upbeat public service announcement. Well, anyone who knows me and my work knows I would by definition create something unconventional. 

Many people are still not heeding the seriousness of the pandemic. I decided to create something that was not only informative but also entertaining in the hope that it might draw the attention of naysayers still out there. 

Enter Do The Five. 

Do The Five

This is a video that explains how to protect oneself from the corona virus (COVID 19). Five basic routines to follow include: 1. Wash hands often, 2. Cough into your elbow, 3. Avoid touching your face, 4. Maintain a social distance of 6 ft., and 5. Stay home when sick

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