Saturday, April 25, 2020

CTN Premiere: It's So Wonderful to Roam

I have been posting It's So Wonderful to Roam on Facebook pages which I have joined. And I have been trying different thumbnails to see if some draw more attention than others. Me at a dinner table drinking tea. Me with baseball glove in one hand throwing a baseball in the other. Me with a mud mask on my face. I have not tried me in a bubble bath yet. Nothing conclusive to report at this time.

I received this email this morning.

" A Coronavirus Parody: 
It's So Wonderful to Roam" 
on Community Television Network

Dear Carol:

Your program " A Coronavirus Parody: It's So Wonderful to Roam" is scheduled to premiere on COMMUNITY TELEVISION NETWORK, CABLE CHANNEL 17 - Sunday, 4/26/20 at 2:00pm.

Additional replay times include: Sunday, 4/26 at 6:58pm; Monday, 4/27 at 1:00pm; Wednesday, 4/29 at 11:58am, 3:58pm & 10:25pm;  Friday, 5/1 at 3:25pm; Saturday, 5/2 at 2:30pm & 6:25pm; Sunday, 5/3 at 6:30pm; Monday, 5/4 at 9:50pm; and Tuesday, 5/5 at 6:58pm; all on cable channel 17.

Thank you for showing your support of the community media by sharing your programming with our community.


Craig Kuras
Public Access Programmer
734.794.6150, ext. 41503

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