Monday, September 23, 2019

Michigan House Democrat Meets with Constituents

This evening I had the pleasure of meeting with Lori Stone, a Michigan State Representative from the 28th House District (Warren/Centerline). Several times a month she gets together  with constituents to inform them about what is going on in Lansing, the State Capitol, and hear about their concerns.

I was there with videographer Earl Clark to get input from her about creating a promo piece for 2020: The Musical. She did not disappoint. Lori gave us several excellent suggestions which may be able to be worked into a video.

At the end of the meeting Lori invited me to share information about 2020: The Musical with those in attendance. I took several minutes to talk about the show and then sang a verse from Dump the Trump in 2020. It is always a great feeling when one's work is received with great enthusiasm. Several people said they planned to look into how a full performance might be arranged in Warren.

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