Sunday, May 24, 2020

New Music Video, Six Feet of Social Distance, Takes A Bow

Six Feet of Social Distance is now available to view on YouTube. This new video is a parody of One Singular Sensation from A Chorus Line. Six Feet of Social Distance addresses social distancing and mask usage to alleviate the spread of COVID -19, the coronavirus. See the video at:

What will you find when you see the video? A glitzy costume with authentic black top and bow tie. Diamond studded dance shoes. Lots of leg. And even a spill. Haha. I'm going for a little slapstick with this one! I have arranged the music with sounds from my new sound library, Native Instruments' Komplete Ultimate. 'Learning Kontact and have even applied a brass shake to the trombone and trumpet part!

I did all the video with my new green screen and set of five studio lights. This is the second video I have done using a green screen. To be honest, it's working but not as well as I would like. I definitely need to improve my lighting technique to get rid of the telltale green border around me. It's not as prominent as the last video, but it's still there. Isn't it great always to be learning?

Youtube immediately notified me that I was using someone else's music. Yes. It's a parody and is allowed under copyright law. What do they think Randy Rainbow does all the time? If I've missed an appropriate hashtag, please let me know. #socialdistance #masks #covid19 #coronavirus 

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