Saturday, September 12, 2020

Countin' on Joe Appears on Cable TV


Countin' on Joe, The Joe Biden Campaign Song, is scheduled to premiere on Ann Arbor COMMUNITY TELEVISION NETWORK, CABLE CHANNEL 17 - Sunday, 9/13/20 at 7:00pm.


Additional replay times include: 

Monday, 9/14 at 1:30pm & 10:41pm; 

Tuesday, 9/15 at 3:55pm; 

Wednesday, 9/16 at 5:55pm; 

Thursday, 9/17 at 9:50pm; 

Friday, 9/18 at 1:30pm; 

Saturday, 9/19 at 12:55pm & 7:00pm; 

Sunday, 9/20 at 2:55pm; 

Tuesday, 9/22 at 4:25pm; and 

Wednesday, 9/23 at 8:00pm

To date, Countin' on Joe has received 5046 views on YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube has not made it searchable, which has stunted viewership.

Check it out on Channel 17 Ann Arbor on the dates listed above. To see it on YouTube, visit this video link:


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