Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Colorado Coverage and more

After posting Countin' on Joe on YouTube, I sent out a press release with "fill in the blank" areas in the hope that singers from the production would use it to alert the media about the video. It was naive of me to expect this response. If one has no experience in PR it is difficult to navigate the process. It takes more than filling in the blanks. You have to understand what publications to approach and which individuals to contact there.

Shannon Winkelman of Bayfield, CO managed to do it. And the one release she sent out resulted in publication in five different places!

Pine River Times
The Durango Herald 
The Journal
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I decided to send out press releases for participants who were amenable to having me do this. As a result, I contacted media for well over two-thirds of the singers.

Today I want contacted by a Keith Whitcomb, a reporter for the Rutland Herald. Our singer from Vermont is Christian Doran.  An article will hopefully appear soon in that publication.

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