Thursday, August 15, 2019

Uncle Sam Sings for Socialism - NOT

I was interviewed by Kaitlin Bennett from conservative/libertarian blog, Liberty Hangout. The interviewee tried to direct me into making statements I do not believe...but I did not fall into the trap. The video, which was posted on youtube, is titled, "Uncle Sam Sings for Socialism." Nothing could be further from the truth. However, I do believe everyone in the United States of America is entitled to healthcare.

You can see the interview at:
It has received over to 147,000 views!


  1. "However, I do believe everyone in the United States of America is entitled to healthcare."
    - Words of a brainwashed socialist

    1. Bitch, I’m a US citizen, and I will not pay taxes for illegals to get healthcare on my dime! Civil War is coming! We will not stand for this anymore!!

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