Thursday, August 1, 2019

Detroit Free Press. Washington Post.

Night two of the debates was remarkably calmer than night one. Fewer demonstrators. Fewer people checking out what was going on. But people still had their cell phones out and were taking photographs. Some reporters and photographers continued to check out the scene as well.

How many people took photos and posted them? At least a couple hundred. How far did those photos go? Hard to tell but clearly there was posting and sharing. A nice way to kick off the marketing campaign for "2020: The Musical" in advance of the campaign getting some legs by the middle of the month.

A great photo and caption in the Detroit Free Press...

A mention in the Washington Post...

Included in the photo stream of USA Today.

Reno Gazette

Included in the photo stream of L.A. Times

Washington Post - 8.2.19 

Added 11.4.19 My cousin Judy Glossman McGraw clipped this from the Washington Post and shared it with me when I was in Washington, DC this past weekend. It did not come up in any Google searches.

This is the coverage I know about. It's impossible to follow it all!

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