Monday, July 22, 2019

Banned by Facebook AGAIN

In today's world it has become more difficult to market because there are SO MANY potential avenues to use. It can be overwhelming. Having run a boutique marketing firm in the past, I am aware of how things work. However, social media has made the process more challenging.

Yesterday I decided to create a static card and embed a short musical excerpt from "Dump the Trump in 2020." The excerpt is the second verse of the song. Once this was done, I posted it to nine left leaning groups of which I am a member on Facebook.

Why only nine groups? Because Facebook has banned me so many times I have become more conservative with posting. In this situation, I decided I would make no more than nine to ten posts of the card a day (I have a list of about 75 groups where I would like to post). 

BANNED. Yes, I was banned again. The ban, however, is only for a day. So tomorrow I will post again. :)

To play excerpt: 


What was really exciting about this post to nine groups was the response. It's easy to post on Facebook, but how many people actually see or read your post? In this case I posted to nine groups and in several hours got over 150 responses! Over 150 people saw, listened to and responded to the musical post. A few made comments. Some shared. And others gave the post a heart or a "thumbs up." This is something that works!


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