Monday, July 8, 2019

Song Samplers Now Online

All the songs from 2020: The Musical are now mixed.  Three Song Samplers have been posted on youtube.  Copyrights were applied for several weeks ago. Registration with BMI and CD Baby will be done this week. 

SAMPLER ONE can be accessed at: 

Songs on Sampler One include: Dump the Trump in 2020, I Want to Play with You (lobbyist reform), Eh Boy (criminal justice reform), Sunday Bloody Sunday (racism), All for One (tax reform), The Public Wants (term limits), and Citizens United Gone (campaign finance reform).

SAMPLER TWO can be accessed at: 

Songs on Sampler Two include: Democrats Forever, Hands Down Better (homophobia), Simple Times Gone By (global warming), On Our Way (female president), This Life Shared in Poverty (minimum wage), Let’s Take Out the NRA (gun control).

SAMPLER THREE can be accessed at: 

Songs on Sampler Three include: Republican Do Si Do, The Border Wall Tango, Stack the Deck (gerrymandering, voter purging), My Body, My Choice (reproductive rights), Flying Blind (universal healthcare), Isaac and Ishmael (Middle East conflict), and Happy Birthday Baby (the one novelty song in the show). 

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