Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Go Creative

Being an artist or writer or composer is not just about creating.  You have to take care of the business side of things as well.  For a songwriter, that means copyrighting your work, registering with BMI or Ascap, and making sales arrangements with CDBaby or another organization that provides sales and some merchandising.

I submitted 2020: The Musical songs to the Copyright office on June 15, 2019. Yesterday I registered the songs with BMI. And right now, as I write, I am uploading songs to CDBaby.

In the last week, I have completed song samplers and loaded them to my youtube channel. There are three samplers, each just under six minutes, which I will refer to in marketing packages I send out to interested parties. I have made periodic announcements about the show on Facebook and Linkedin groups as well as Facebook and Linkedin pages. This is a preliminary way to get information out to people who may have an interest in order to create buzz.

With these tasks behind me, I will move ahead and continue to put together the marketing strategy for the show.  There is a lot of contact information to gather and organize. I expect I will begin making calls to prospects next week. This will included political organizations and theaters.

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