Saturday, August 15, 2020

An update for Countin’ on Joe

Woohoo! Music editing for Countin' on Joe after about 150 hours is done. I never expected that such extensive editing would be necessary. But to paraphrase my friend, David W. Menefee of Texas, "You don't want the song to sound like people singing The Star Spangled Banner at the ball park."  When you work with a chorus in person there is lots of time to get everyone singing the same words at the same time. When you work with singers virtually there is no group practice. You get one take and you need to make it work. 

I am on schedule and will spend this weekend mixing. What will that entail? Getting all the singer tracks at the same level. Choosing which vocals are best. Adding EQ, compression, reverb and other effects where necessary. 

I plan to do sub mixes for sopranos, altos, tenors and bass baritones. Then I will bring those mixes along with the music mix to finalize the sound track for the video. This will make the process more manageable since there are almost seventy vocalists.  I will also do a mix with the best vocals only to use for accent in the music video.  

So now it is time to stop stalling and get to work! I'm off to my studio.


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