Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Countin' On Joe - The Joe Biden Campaign Song

Countin' on Joe, The Joe Biden Campaign Song, was posted on YouTube two days ago. There was a flurry of excitement with lots of positive feedback from virtual volunteer chorus singers. The video had an initial surge of traffic with over 1,500 views. That's more views from the get-go than any other video I have created. It's a great start. To sustain interest and build awareness it is necessary to contact traditional and social media as well as people who will have an interest. I know that many of the volunteers are sharing with people they know. And I have started to contact media.

Below is the press release I am using.

Countin’ On Joe:  The Joe Biden Campaign Song

Nationwide Volunteer Virtual Chorus Sings


Sixty-nine Americans from across the nation have stepped forward to be part of a volunteer virtual chorus for the Joe Biden campaign song, Countin’ on Joe. They believe their participation will help the Biden/Harris ticket this November.


When Carol Dunitz realized she would not be able to tour with her new twenty song show,, she started producing political parodies that promoted a Democratic viewpoint. In the midst of Things Now Have Gone to Hades, she decided to produce a campaign song for Joe Biden.


Dunitz started to look for volunteers for her Joe Biden campaign song in early July in order to produce the recording. She put together a pitch, posted on Facebook and emailed and called many Democratic organizations. Her goal was to assemble a virtual chorus of singers from across the country to sing Countin’ On Joe. In response, sixty-eight Americans came forward to join her in the grassroots campaign effort, Countin’ on Joe. Singers represent a diverse group of volunteers from thirty-nine states dedicated to a common cause, electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November.


Having secured participants, Dunitz sent out a sample recording and instructions to move forward. After receiving videos back from all volunteers, Dunitz faced the challenge of mixing all the recordings in Pro Tools and editing the videos on a grid in Final Cut Pro X. Her campaign song, Countin’ on Joe, can now be seen at:

The melody for Countin’ On Joe comes from an old Irish folk tune which was also used for an Abraham Lincoln campaign song. “I generally write my own music, but the appeal of a melody that had previously been used with success in the political arena was too much to resist,” Dunitz shares. She updated the musical arrangement and wrote lyrics that share who Joe Biden is and why he should be our next president.


Carol Dunitz has a doctorate in Speech Communication and Theatre and an Audio Engineering certificate. She has been writing, composing and performing her entire life. To learn more about Countin’ On Joe, go to  To schedule an interview, please call 734.237.6614 or email

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