Sunday, October 13, 2019

Marianne Williamson. Wow!

I woke up at the break of dawn this morning for the three and a half hour drive to Chicago to hear Marianne Williamson speak at Christ Universal Temple. Marianne delivered the sermon and it was incredible. More sermon-like that campaign oriented in delivery, it touched on many of the issues she addresses in her campaign. Her goals are not unlike many other progressive candidates, not unlike what President Obama said in his University of Illinois -Urbana speech on September 7th, but she approaches them from a different angle -- an angle of caring and love.

Our current president approaches everything from a position of hate, fear and anger. Perhaps that is why it is so refreshing to hear Marianne speak about God and love. Bottom line. We need to bring about dramatic change. We can only accomplish this if we become proactive. It is not enough to say we don't like this or we don't agree with that. Each of us needs to personally try to bring about change by actively letting others know what we believe and encouraging them to become active also, not to mention, VOTE.

What can each of us do? I am a writer and a composer -- so I wrote 2020: The Musical, a show with 20 songs about all the issues we care about in the hope that Democratic organizations will use it to raise awareness and fundraise for important causes. Now I'm doing the not-so-fun part for me, trying to get the word out. Can you help me? Yes? If not, what can you do to bring about positive change?

Marianne says we all have love and goodness within us. And we do. Let's share that goodness to bring about positive change.

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